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Defining The Art Of Packaging 

Bag Arts is the leading manufacturer of plastic & paper bags, and is the recognized industry leader in the marketplace. 


We understand the needs of our clients, and offer superior quality, service, and pricing.

Bag Arts gives you the freedom in a creative environment to explore the landscape and create a most successful "Walking Billboard" with your custom packaging.

Sustainable Packaging

Bag Arts has been pioneering environmental packaging for over two decades.

We continue to offer alternatives to the recent trend of plastic bag bans around the Unites States.

Bag Arts has several choices to tailor our sustainable packaging for your needs.


We offer Paper Bags with recycled content both in white & natural brown Kraft color. FSC certification on paper bags is also available. The FSC certification ensures that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. These provide environmental, social and economic benefits while confirming that a specific area of forest is being managed in line with FSC Principles and Criteria.

Paper bag styles can be Twisted Paper Shopping Bag, Merchandise Bag or SOS Bag.



Bag Arts offers a wide range of reusable styles that conform to the Plastic Bag Bans in many U.S. states including New Jersey, New York as well as Connecticut and Philadelphia. The reusable bags are made of Polypropylene Fabric ( PP Woven ) or Polypropylene Non Woven  ( PPNW ) materials. The NWPP bags can be made with the fabric feel , or laminated to produce stunning photo-effect graphics.

They are cost effective, lightweight and designed for at least 125 uses. 

Our Stock and Ship Program represents a true innovation in customer service for our industry!

Gone are the long waits and disjointed supply lines - with BagArts, your supplies are just a click, phone call or email away. You, the customer have the ability to monitor your account, view account details and place orders with our online ordering system on your time 24 hours a day. 


Our OEM division supports private labeling programs for several of the leading distributors.

  • Distributors are always welcome to take advantage of all our services and buying power. 


Put the power of these programs to work for you!


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